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Clustered Hosting


We are pleased to announce the formation of our sister company Tier One Design, made up of the same creative minds behind Staffordshire IT. Tier One Design will now be continuing all Web Design, Development, Bespoke Software and Hosting services moving forward. If you have any questions please send them over to Tier One Design directly at

What is Clustered (aka Grid) Hosting?

Clustered hosting from Staffordshire IT allows you to take advantage of the processing power, memory and disk space of many servers which are clustered (joined) together. That way, multiple visitor hits and/or web-based applications are not a problem anymore, and are actually allocated in almost real-time. This means that even if you have thousands of visitors a day, or if your business applications calculate complex equations, you will get almost instantaneous results. With standard hosting providers, your site would crash or run excruciatingly slowly, but these problems are obsolete with clustered server hosting.

More reasons to let us host your website

There are additional (free!) benefits for the security conscious:

As well as the fact we automatically backup your site every 15 minutes from our Tamworth office Clustered hosting provides multiple tiers of security. Clustered servers offer you advanced security functions, including redundant switching fabric, intelligent routing, a built-in firewall, and proxy technology. And with clustered hosting there truly is strength in numbers. If an attack or virus of any sort impacts one of the servers, it is automatically kicked out of the traffic, effectively quarantining the server until repairs can be made.

Why go for standard when all this is only £160 a year!

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