Total Data Destruction Service of Laptops, Desktops, Servers, RAID Arrays, USB Sticks and All Other Storage Media. Staffordshire IT: Microsoft Partner. OSX Developers. Call: 01827 313111

Data Destruction

We’ve all heard the stories about PCs that are supposedly destroyed or disposed of, only to turn up later in a Nigerian fraud ring or- as in one case a few years ago- to be sold as a new machine to an unsuspecting customer.

But by using Staffordshire IT, you can erase 100% of the TOTAL data from your IT assets such as servers, PCs and hard drives. Data destruction offers advantages over physical destruction, namely that it results in a device that’s safe for second life applications such as internal redeployment , donation, or even re-sale.

We can destroy and certify the destruction of a variety of equipment, including: laptops and Macbooks, desktops – both Mac & PC, servers & RAID arrays, digital camera memory, USB sticks and other flash drives, phones, iPods™ and other MP3 players. Many average users don’t know that data can be recovered from devices even after they’ve been re-formatted or “wiped”. Our data destruction service goes beyond simply hitting “delete” and meets military standards for data erasure.

So whether you’re concerned that your data could be recovered and used in identity theft, or you wish to redeploy or resell your IT assets. our products and services offer data erasure, reporting and auditing.

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