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Fibre Broadband

Eclipse Fibre Optic Broadband for only £40 per month!

Fibre Broadband/ FTTC
FTTC, or fibre broadband, is the next generation broadband connection. Also known as “superfast broadband”, it uses fibre optic cables to provide much higher speeds. Unlike ADSL, where it’s anyone’s guess what you actually end up with, with eclipse fibre you really do get very close (normally 95%) to 40mb downloads and incredible 10mb uploads (with the Premium Service), and 40mb downloads and 2mb uploads as STANDARD.

Staffs IT Fibre Broadband diagram

How does it work?
FTTC is the first affordable fibre connection to be made available to the mass market, and stands for ‘Fibre To The Cabinet’. That’s because, as the diagram shows above, you’re using a brand new fibre link between your local exchange and the cabinet – where the internet comes in to your street. The connection between the street cabinet and your premises is still copper (as with your current ADSL connection), but as copper performs well over short distances, you’re still able to access high speeds.

What do I get?
FTTC promises download speeds of up to 40 Mbps, and upload speeds of up to 10Mbps. There’s one crucial difference when buying FTTC via Staffordshire IT: our suppliers provide a guaranteed throughput! You receive a MINIMUM of 12Mbps throughput on your FTTC line averaged over a 24-hour period. That’s the output, or productivity you can expect from your connection. If your throughput figure falls below an average of 12Mbps in a 24-hour period, they’ll send an engineer over to improve things.