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KashFlow Plugin Developers

Staffordshire IT Services are Kashflow Authorised developers, what does this mean? Well we provide simple to use add ons and support for the highly rated online accounting package, Kashflow. If you wish to see a list of plugins that we provide for this software, please do not hesitate to contact us, or see our companies software offering on Kashflows own ‘find a developer’ website at: KashFlow – Find A Developer.

What is Kashflow?

The KashFlow system helps you easily organise your day to day business accounts and affairs with complete cross operating system (Mac, Linux and PC) support as an web based (cloud) software. This means you can access your accounts anywhere, from almost any PC. Worries about your data being on the cloud? Kashflow use the same level of security that is used for online banking, so you can be sure your details are well protected.

At the most basic level you can use Kashflow just to create an invoice for each sale you make and use the built in facilities to track when invoices have been paid, you can also record all of your purchases, produce VAT returns, view insightful reports, etc. It gives you the power to keep track of the day to day financial in’s and out’s of your business, and at the end of the month you will then be able to provide your accountant with an ordered list of what you have bought and sold and how items were paid for.

Our Solution

Staffordshire It provide a plugin for Kashflow which solves one downfall of the software. At the moment only accountants can login on the website to see all your details or make any alterations. Our plugin gives each user their own secure login and password so they can do this themselves if they wish. You can see your invoices, update your own details and also gives you the options of linking the account into card payment terminals or direct debit systems so it is that much easier to keep track of your money.

So together with Kashflow and our plugin, managing your businesses finances couldn’t be more simple, quick or easy.


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