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Leasing Options

A very informal summary of the benefits of leasing your Job from Staffordshire IT

Ultimate in flexibility
Leasing allows you to write off the costs of your present equipment as you use it, and to easily trade up to new technology when you need to, in other words in 2/3 years time when you think its all out of date, or you fancy a change, you can simply carry on paying the same monthly amount and replace all the kit for new, and you even get to keep all the old stuff and give it to the kids/parents/charity .

‘Throw it all in’
The lease can cover many other elements than just physical ‘hardware’, including software, training, installation and maintenance. Your total solution to whatever you need could be covered by just one simple regular payment.

Fixed monthly payments & cash flow improvement
Lease rentals are fixed over the time you select (2 or 3 or 5 years), so the amount you pay will remain the same, making it easy for monthly budgets and cash flows etc.  Also spreading the cost obviously benefits your cash flow instantly, leaving more in the bank ready for use on other lovely things like tax bills, vat, corporation tax, increased fuel bills, illegal immigrants, work shy teenagers, wars etc .

Unsecured borrowing
For established business with a good credit history, the equipment itself is generally the only security that is necessary, no personal guarantees on loans, personal means testing

Tax efficiency
All rental payments are 100% tax deductible.