Long Range Wireless Links With RCP: Low Cost, High Bandwidth, Low Power, Scalable & Robust. Stable Connecton Distances of 15 miles to 75 Miles. Call Staffordshire IT Services On 01827 313111

Long Range Wireless

Long range Wifi & wireless links with RCP

The Rural Connectivity Platform (RCP) is an Intel based, high-bandwidth, low cost, low-power, scalable and robust long distance wireless point-to-point solution with local WiFi wireless capabilities. The RCP series was designed to bring wireless internet and communication to rural communities that would be otherwise  too remote for standard technologies and hardware.

The RCP utilizes both CDMA and TDMA technology to circumvent the limitations of standard CDMA technology and is able to increase stable connection distances of easily 15 miles and can, in ideal conditions, work up to 75 miles!

The RCP is also designed so that they can be “daisy chained” together to cover vast distances (100s of miles) and overcome whatever geographic challenges may have stopped you in the past.

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