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Network Installations

Staffs IT Network Diagram

New installations & Upgrading of IT networks

Staffordshire IT Services was founded on network installations utilising Microsoft Small Business standard edition and Terminal Server additions. Over a decade later, network installation remains one of our core services.

From simple peer-to-peer network setup for file sharing, to printers and internet connections, all the way to full RAID 5 Hewlett Packard Servers (renowned for their excellent price and bullet proof up-time and efficiency, not to mention next day worldwide 3 year warranty), we offer a full range of installation services. We also install and service Apple OSX Servers for our ever-growing Mac community. All of our installations are tailored exactly to your needs for true server/client based operations, including easy to use remote capability from anywhere in the world. This capability allows you to log in and work from anywhere, as if you were sitting right at your desk.

Once your servers and PCs are sorted, we slap them onto a backbone of DrayTek and ZyXEL routers and switches, VPNs running over standard copper data cable, fibre, ADSL, DSL, leased line or even satellite dishes and microwave transmitters. If it can be networked, then the Staffordshire IT boys can do it for you!

All this is provided during standard working hours. We are also happy to work evenings and weekends at no extra charge if it is more convenient for your schedule and business.

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