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Computer & Equipment Repair Nuneaton

Desktop and laptop Repair no fix no fee microsoft and apple

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Here at Staffordshire IT we know that keep your equipment in working order is important and essential. That’s why we can repair your broken computers and equipment to get you going again.

We are a Nuneaton based tech services company and with our fully kitted out Nuneaton PC repair lab in the heart of the Midlands, with our Microsoft partnership and being Apple authorised developers we have all the knowledge, tools and software at your disposal  to cater for literally any Microsoft, Apple Mac and Linux repair.  

All repairs are carried out by fully trained and qualified in-house technicians, they’ll investigate and troubleshoot the issue generating problem reports (where applicable) then call you and inform you of what we can do. Even if you dont chose for us to fix your equipment the Staffordshire IT PC repair technician that is assigned personally to your case will be able to offer a full data recovery and replacement service should you decide its time to upgrade rather than repair.

We carry stock for all models so we can provide you with an instant repair, and 95% of other parts can be specially ordered in and delivered to us next day for you. Once we’ve investigated and found the issue, we’ll call to talk through the problem with you and explain how we intend to fix it.

We can also provide an assessment report and letter to your insurance company if a claim is to be made on business or home insurance to make the process easier.

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