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Our Carbon Footprint Offseting Policy

Staffordshire IT has teamed up with Carbon Footprint Limited who is the provider of the Web’s top rated carbon footprint calculator (, as well as consultants to businesses on carbon reduction, management and offsetting. Their highly regarded Carbon Offsetting project is based around energy saving in the developing World and ensures carbon dioxide emissions are neutralised quickly, traceably and permanently.

We have pledged to plant 2 broad-leaved tree once a month in the West Midlands to offset our carbon dioxide emissions and to provide wildlife habitats. Helping to prevent climate change and creating a space for wildlife.

Obvious things we can all do in our workplaces:

Implement a “turn it off” policy
Turn off PCs at night and when staff are away from their desks for significant periods of the day
Switch off PC monitors when staff are away from their desks for short periods of time
Ensure lights are turned off at night and over the weekends when staff are out of the office
Check printers and photocopying machines are turned off during quiet hours
Switch off lights in meeting rooms when not in use
Replace filament style light bulbs with energy saving lights
Check water coolers and heaters are turned off out of hours
Check drinks machines are turned off during out hours

Heating and Air conditioning usage:
Turn down the heating by 1 degree Celsius
Don’t heat the building during out of hours times (e.g. the evenings and weekends)
Check air-conditioning isn’t conflicting with heating
Investigate whether air-conditioning is indeed required every day of the year. Instead is it possible to simply open windows when the temperature inside is too hot?
Turn the air-conditioning down / switch off during quiet hours