Remote Backups With Staffordshire IT's StoreIT Software System. 100% Reliable and Secure. 50GB Plan Starting at £20 Per Month.

Remote Offsite Backups

Offsite Backup Service for Pc's Mac's and your Server

We’ve Partnered with one of the largest data backup providers from America and now have our very own cloud storage software by the name of StoreIT. This ensures that you have an exceptionally reliable online backup and restore process. It safeguards critical data by automatically backing it up in real time as you create, change and save files and folders!

However, unlike cheap offsite backup software and programs such as SugarSync, ours is designed for servers as well as PCs and Macs. And unlike dropbox you can decide which folders you want to backup, and leave them in their original location.

We take a full initial backup of all your data and from then on you are fully covered. The very second a file is changed, edited, moved or a new one saved it is synchronised to your own server space offsite. All data is compressed and encrypted for transmutation, meaning it is 100% secure. This data compression prior to upload ensures quick backups, and allows for the most impressive part of our software which is called ‘versioning’. Versioning means you can retrieve and restore up to 30 previous versions of a single file, which means you can never save over that important presentation or quotation ever again!

Finally, data stored on our servers is not immediately deleted as standard, meaning that even if you accidentally delete it from your machine(s), we’ve got you covered.

For all types of critical and non-critical data, this is the software to use. Our 50GB Backup service starts at £20 per month and is perfect for even the most modest budgets.

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