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Spam Filtering: MessageLabs & SPAMfighter authorised partners

Being both Symantec MessageLabs and SPAMfighter partners, Staffordshire IT really are the experts when it comes to putting a halt to all that pesky spam. We can provide solutions that have an almost 100% false positive ratio, which means you NEVER lose an important email due to spam filters, but ALL your spam is quarantined at source! We provide each user with their own simple-to-use control panel, so if you really do want to receive offers from a particular website, with one click of a button they will start to come through.

In a nutshell when an email arrives, it is instantly sent to the SPAMfighter Server for evaluation. If it is determined to be spam, SEM is notified and the spam mail is automatically moved to the user’s spam folder. SEM can be easily managed from a central web-based administration interface and is very simple for end users. Spam is automatically moved to a designated folder so the user never has to see it, saving employees hours of work, and all done in less than 3 seconds – amazing!

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