Voice Over IP (VOIP): Communication System, Over The Internet. Average Industry Savings of 30%. For More Information Call Staffordshire IT Services On 01827 313111

VOIP: Voice Over IP

Technology is a wonderful thing. When properly utilised, it can save your business time and money. But navigating the technological landscape can be an adventure, particularly if you’re not fully aware of the products and services that are available. One technological product gaining popularity in the business world is VoIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol.

To begin with, don’t let the terminology intimidate you. VoIP is really just a complicated way of describing a communications system that allows you to abandon your current telephone system and replace it with one that passes through your businesses internet connection.

The primary reason many small businesses are switching to a VoIP system is cost. Savings vary from firm to firm, but the industry reports an average saving of 30%. One of the best benefits of a VoIP system is that calls placed over a private network are free. This is a vitally important consideration if your business has more than one office. With a private network connection between offices, it will cost you nothing to stay in touch on a near-constant basis.

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