Wind Powered Hosting: 100% Renewable Power with 100% Guaranteed Uptime. UK Based Data Centre with Telephone/Remote Support. Call Staffordshire IT Services on 01827 313111

Wind Powered Hosting


We are pleased to announce the formation of our sister company Tier One Design, made up of the same creative minds behind Staffordshire IT. Tier One Design will now be continuing all Web Design, Development, Bespoke Software and Hosting services moving forward. If you have any questions please send them over to Tier One Design directly at

In our continued effort to bring you “green” IT products, Staffordshire IT now offers fast, flexible and secure wind powered servers for web hosting, database and document storage. These servers use 100% renewable energy. Unlike solar powered alternatives, which are much slower and all based in the USA, our data centre is based in the UK, allowing us to offer an amazing 100% guaranteed up-time.

This new service is dedicated to providing an essential service with as little environmental impact as possible.

The combination of our technical expertise and ethical policies makes Staffordshire IT the perfect partner for ethically guided individuals, businesses and organisations.

Business Hosting Includes:

·    fast UK data centre committed to zero carbon energy
·    100% renewable power
·    telephone/remote technical support
·    100% uptime SLA
·    flexible control panel
·    nightly backups
·    an energy-efficient IBM Blade Centre server and Cisco networking hardware
·    physically impenetrable servers which are based in an disused nuclear bunker!

You also get the satisfaction of knowing that this service meets the standards of ISO 14001, which represents the core set of standards used by organisations for designing and implementing an effective environmental management system.

Climate change is an important issue and, with web servers staying on 24/7/365,the IT sector is a huge consumer. We are proud to have servers in the first UK based IBM’s data centre to be powered with a 100% renewable energy tariff.

Web Design, Bespoke Software and Apps from Tier One Design