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Server PC & Mac IT Support Wolverhampton

Here at Staffordshire IT Services, our main business goal is to support local companies in the Wolverhampton area with a full  range of IT Support Services. We have been doing so for over 12 years and in that time we have gained Microsoft, Apple OSX, Draytek, Zyxel, Avaya and AVG partnerships, and have worked tirelessly to fine-tune our operations and ensure that our Support Service is perfectly balanced for our customers needing IT support Wolverhampton.

We provide full and unlimited Remote Control Support for an amazing £9 per PC and from only £55 per server (exact price depends on server type). We even give you a standard Service-Level Agreement of 30 minutes! (60 on your Pc’s and peripherals) A generous offer when you consider that our competitors offer 4 hours! In addition our Trained Experts usually have the situation under control in about 14 minutes! We want to fix your IT and PC problems ASAP so your staff can get back to work.

The Windows and OSX Server Support that we offer is even more in-depth; in addition to our standard services described above, we will log-in regularly to check backups, perform virus scans and security updates, check for service pack updates, and ensure general server health. We have invested over £14,000 in cutting-edge remote monitoring tools (none of that RDP or VNC lark here!) and we receive notification directly from your Pc’s or Server which means we often know about a problem and have solved it before it even disrupts your business.

On the odd occasion when we can’t sort out a situation remotely, or for new installations, a Staffordshire IT Technician will be with you ASAP to perform an on-site fix and get you up and running. Give us a call on

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