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Specialist WordPress Hosting

Wordpress Hosting Specialists

Specialist WordPress Hosting: Ultra high speed, Automatic Backups: £15 per month

We at Staffordshire IT Services believe we have perfected the UK’s best wordpress hosting, no for reals we think we have. In making improvements to our own wordpress site over the last 3 years, constant tweaking, server changes, code settings and more we now have one of the best ranking WordPress sites on many of the leading marketing graders, but whats the main key of our hosting? Sppeeeeeeed.

So rather than keep this to ourselves we’ve spent the last few month perfecting the standard services we’ve come to expect from our website hosting and slipped in a couple of little beauties to be able to supply literally the PERFECT platform for your  wordpress site.

To give us a quick challenge try pinging your own website note the average time- then ping ours – loads faster eh? This really matters as site speed has become one of THE key points for offsite SEO, but the coolness doesn’t stop there as well as the blistering speed we also like no other host provider automatically backup your website automatically every 15 minutes for the first 24 hours then every hour for the next then once a day (a lot like Apple Time Machine) INCLUDING the mysql database – now thats got to be handy!?.

It doesnt stop there though one final thing that your current host provider wont be doing is that you’ll be able to access our in-house developers vast knowledge of wordpress to help you improve your sites look, content and ranking (fees may apply depending on exactly what your asking them to do)

A general technical overview of our service are:

Multiple Mirrored Servers
Grid Servers for ultimate load balancing and speed
UK only Servers (important)
Run by WordPress Experts and Microsoft Partners
Virus and Spam Scanning
Unlimited email accounts
Slick Webmail facility
15 Minute Backups

Ready for the best bit though? the price….. is the SAME as most half professional hosting companies charge for standard hosting at £15 a month! (paid 12 months in advance)

Give us a call on 01827 230111, drop us an email or fill in the form below and lets get your website into the 22nd century!


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